Money Back Policy

Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd. has a great reputation and is well established company serving various data migration, data recovery and data conversion process to global clients. Along with offering world class services and products, the company also has a refund/money back policy.

There are certain conditions under which the money is refunded to the customers. It is a very simple process and the conditions are as mentioned below:

30 Days Refund Policy

  • ● If the customer is not satisfied with the product, S/he can place a refund request within 30 days of software purchase.
  • ● If the customer faces any issues while using the product, they can reach to our technical team for assistance. Our technical team provides full assistance in resolving the issue. In case if our technical support team is unable to fix the issue, a refund request can be placed accordingly.
  • ● If the product malfunctions, our technical team can be approached. If the team is unable to resolve the issue, the customer is free to request for a refund.

In any of the above cases, a request for the refund of money must be placed within 30 days of the purchase of that particular software.

Conditions under which money back/refund request cannot be accepted

  • ● If a customer places the request after 30 days of software purchase, then the request for refund won't be considered.
  • ● If after buying a product, a customer feels that he/she no longer needs the product, the company won't be liable to process any refund.
  • ● When a customer files a complaint regarding the Software, S/he may be asked for some specific documents or files (related to ongoing project only) by the Shoviv team. In the case of failure to provide those documents or files, the company will be under no obligation to refund the money.
  • ● If after the customer's complaint, the problem has been resolved, they cannot ask for a refund. The company is under no obligation to make a refund.
  • ● Once the product has been purchased and it fails to go with the system, it isn't the company's responsibility. No refunds will be made in such cases. Hereby, it is recommended to please check the compatibility of your system as well as software system requirement before software purchase.
  • ● In case if the data is being recovered nearly upto 80%, no refund claim will be considered at all.
  • ● In case if software cannot activate by using online activation process, customer are required to generate offline activation file and send it to . Our support team will provide the necessary offline activation key to activate the license. No refund will be considered during the process.
  • ● In case if customer cannot get order number and activation key, they may contact to our sales team at for further instructions. Please note that order number and activation key is automatic delivery process and can be received only on registered email address which you provide during software license purchase. No refund will be considered in such circumstances.
  • ● In case if the software license is activated in more than 1 system, client must show error/problem in that particular system where the issue persist.
  • ● In case if the software is working fine in any other system or computer, then No “Money Back Policy” will be applied.
  • ● Client working environment must be setup according to software prerequisites. In case if you are requested for technical assistance to our technical team, one must follow our team recommendation to set their working environment and operate the software accordingly. Else, we are not responsible for any mess-up happens to your environment. No “Money Back Policy” will be applied in such cases.


It will take anywhere from 15-30 days for the refund to be processed. Please read the above guidelines carefully. The request for refund can be placed by eligible customers on the company official website.