Privacy and Policy of Shoviv Software

Shoviv is a software development Company based in India. Following are its privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Privacy Policies

Every company makes some policies to secure and protect the data and information that users share with them. So, our privacy policies have been made to guide the users how we protect their information.

Collection of information

  • ● We collect information from the user only after they agree to share it with us.
  • ● The users don't have to unveil their identity if they want to browse the site.
  • ● If the user wishes to buy software, then he/she would first have to get them registered with us.
  • ● If any user makes any inquiries for anything specific software support, purchase or solution, then they would be required to mention their contact information at our support system.
  • ● Any information that the user shares with us will be kept absolutely safe and confidential.

Where is this information used?

  • ● While placing an online order, the users have to log in by inserting their contact details at the support centre.
  • ● The personal information given by the users is used to reply the queries of technical support.
  • ● By sharing the mailing id, the users get notifications about new launches, modifications in website, promotions, discounts, and so on.
  • ● This information is also used when the company organizes any contests or surveys. With the help of the users' contact information, the company sends them notifications.