Reseller Program

The reseller program by Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd is a convenient and reliable way to earn substantial profits through your own retail channels like computer stores, software shops, retail stores, sale outlets, etc. Under this program, you can also earn profits by ordering our software online from the official website. You can order our software online and sell them to your customers earning huge profits in the process. Our program covers an extensive range of software for email migration, data recovery, email conversion, etc.

Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd, provides a chance to resellers to grow their business by providing good discounts on our products and services. With increased software volume, we offer additional benefits to genuine authorized sellers. We also assist resellers in building new links and tie ups with more number of suppliers. We work on creating additional opportunities for resellers to increase their revenue by adding value to the sales.

Through this program, Shoviv Software provides a chance to work with us as a reseller partner and earn. You earn money through the revenue earned from sales and based on your performance. Resellers are provided an easy access to online orders. They can publish Shoviv Software on their respective websites. The commission list has been provided below.

FLAT 40%


Shoviv Reseller Program Benefits

Flexible approach

Flexibility is important to increase performance and output. Our affiliate programs provide an easy access to help manage financial output. Guidance and assistance is provided to help you manage the daily schedule and decide the working hours.

Build a loyal and vast Customer Base

Preparation is necessary to expand the customer base. Resellers are guided and imparted full knowledge of the products so that customers can be explained a product's potential. This widens the customer base and increases the profits in return.

Effective training strategy and implementation

We have developed an effective training strategy to impart knowledge about our products to resellers. Our highly trained team comprises of experts who educate you about the software covering all the necessary details, answer queries, and help you effectively sell the products in the market.

Customer Protection

Our reseller partners are trained highly so that they are ready to assist customers on every step. Necessary support is provided to them for resolving issues and answering queries. A highly trained technical team helps to resolve all issues via email support.

Plan to success and higher earnings

Resellers are encouraged to build new work relationships and links with suppliers. This brings more benefits by adding value to sales and increases revenue earned.

Amazing products

We have a repertoire of best performing software and a global presence. Our policies aim to provide customers with products that are a combination of latest technology and easy operation. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction with the best customer services. Shoviv Software endeavors to keep bringing innovative tools in the market to fulfill different software needs.