Distribution Programs

Under the distribution program of Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd, products and utilities can be distributed through online distributors and via websites that focus on product distribution. This program allows our distribution partners to trade and distribute our software which are not only world class but are also known world over for their cost effectiveness and efficiency. Some of the top organizations rely on our software. Utilizing this program is a golden opportunity for the distributors to expand their business by distributing and trading our software. At the helm of this program lies a solid and transparent sales strategy.

Software distributors who join us can increase the sales of our tools and expand their business by improving their connectivity and relations with retailers and resellers. This can be done by having good terms and conditions.

Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd provides a very profitable commission (30% to maximum 50%) to its distribution partners. The commission is calculated and given according to the overall revenue. The distribution partners need to promote the software on a global platform and alter the software policies accordingly in order to earn a profitable commission.

For further details and queries, interested parties may contact us.

Advantages of Shoviv Software Distribution Program

Maximize your Earnings

Anyone who join us as our distribution partner, whether an individual or an organization, get the opportunity to maximize their earning potential and excel at it by purchasing our extensive range of tools.

World class Software and Services

The underlying policies and product development at Shoviv focus on providing an extensive range of software and services, for email management, data migration and data recovery, which compete with the best in the world.

Loyal Customer Base

Through this Distribution program, you can see an unprecedented growth in your business as our distribution partners. You get an opportunity to build your own customer base which uses our products and services; and meet their demands efficiently.

Flexible approach and great revenue

We are open to suggestions, ideas, and different marketing strategies from our distributors which aim at increasing sales and revenue.

Prompt Product Updates

Shoviv software Private Limited gives an easy and convenient access relating to the latest info on products and software updates to all the distributors. This enables them to be aware of and use latest promotion offers and information regarding products and services.