How to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

In the age of fast-moving technology, no one wants to lag behind. We want to stay up to date with all the recent advancements. As technologically driven people, it is one of our desires to always upgrade. Recently, Office 365 has emerged as the top choice of businesses and enterprises for all sorts of communication and data sharing. A lot of users from other applications are migrating to Office 365 and Lotus Notes users are no exception. This is the reason behind rising numbers in Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.

When compared to IBM Lotus Notes, the Office 365 application is easier to use and also more manageable. It is also low maintenance and now extremely popular among all types of users, beginners or advanced. Today we are going to learn, how to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.

Why do we need Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration?

There are a variety of reasons why people export Lotus Notes to Office 365

  • Office 365 is a cloud-based system
  • Lotus Notes is expensive
  • Office 365 offers more productivity features
  • Lotus Notes can be complex for non-technical users
  • Office 365 is easier to use and more manageable
  • Using Office 365 is a more rewarding and productive experience

How to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 like a Pro?

There are two ways to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. The first method is the old manual method which uses an IMAP connector through a step by step methodology.

The second method is the quicker and more modern one that uses third-party tools to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 safely and without much struggle. We will explore both the methods and then you can decide which one you find best.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Manually With IMAP Connector

  1. Make a backup of NSF Lotus Notes Files

The first step is to backup all your Lotus Notes data in NSF files. This is an essential practice that saves your data in case of an accident or mistake. You should always take a backup of your email data before making any manual transfer.

  1. Create a new mailbox for every Lotus Notes user

The next step after making a backup is creating new mailboxes for each corresponding Lotus Notes user profile.

  1. Enable IMAP TCP/IP ports for all users

You are going to need enabling of IMAP for all users. Follow the steps given ahead.

  • Open Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes
  • Go to the Configuration Tab
  • After this, open the server document that executes the IMAP accounts
  • Go to Ports>Internet Ports>Mail Tab
  • In the (Mail) IMAP column, set the IMAP TCP/IP Port value to “Enabled”.
  • Select the “Save” option and exit.
  1. Connect with the IMAP connector

In this last step, use the IMAP connector to synchronize your Lotus Notes emails to the Office 365 client.

This is how the manual Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration process is done. However, the manual process does not come without its setbacks. It is always beneficial to know all aspects of a migration process before using it.

Drawbacks of Manual Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

  • If you have a firewall and proxy server in Lotus Notes, you may be unable to establish an internet connection
  • NSF email data over 1 GB size is not transferred
  • You are able to only move the online data
  • Calendar entries have to be migrated manually if IMAP connector doesn’t permit it
  • If your Lotus Notes is disabled, you may be unable to form IMAP connection
  • The manual process is lengthy and takes a lot of time

Due to these limitations, it is considered intelligent to employ a much safer and easier method of Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration.

Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Automatically with 100% success

If you are someone who cannot afford to lose their Lotus Notes NSF files during the Lotus Notes to Outlook 365 migration process, you may want to skip the manual method. It is advisable to use a certified and reliable method to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. If you want the best results, get the Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool.

Why choose Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool

It provides an error-free and professional way to migrate Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook 365 without risking your database. You don’t have to be an expert to follow this process successfully. The tool has been created to make the process so easy that even first time Lotus Notes users can easily migrate to Microsoft Office 365 whenever they want to. The tool also ensures to protect your Lotus Notes database and provide you with consistent results without any size limitations.

It also supports all versions of IBM Lotus Notes and provides you the chance to exclude already migrated items through a filter option. You get a zero data loss guarantee with this method and that makes all the difference for many professionals who deal in important and confidential data. You can easily migrate data to Outlook PST and to Live Exchange Environment without following any complex steps. This is why most Lotus Notes users prefer this automatic method over the manual one. You can even migrate NSF files to EML and MSG formats with this tool as added benefits.

Interested? Try Migrating Lotus Notes to Outlook 365 for free!

You can now migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 365 for free with the demo version of this certified and automated utility. The free demo version allows conversion of first 25 items per folder so that you can understand how to migrate Lotus Notes files to Outlook 365. Once you are satisfied with the free trial, you can go ahead and upgrade to the full version at an affordable cost. The full version offers endless benefits like free support and updates.