How to convert NSF to PST Proficiently?

Transformations are ways that make people live better. Changing is the process of life that exists in our daily routine too. Many times changes giving more auxiliary outcome than before change you were not thinking. Many people search about NSF to PST converter, this articulation will clear your doubt about NSF to PST conversion process, and how to switch Lotus note to Outlook, also make you known Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter execution and evaluation.

Data migration is become one of the popular trends nowadays, as people get introduced to new features and services of products. Professionals are not only taking part in the data migration, but even individual also making migration their preference. Change in business prerequisites, budgetary and information the board issues are a portion of the basic purposes for email migration. In the recent time-zone, the most number of IBM users switch to Microsoft Outlook due to its convenient, planned, cost-savvy and security features.

IBM Lotus Notes stores its mailbox information in NSF documents. NSF documents are essentially the database records of Lotus Notes. Similarly, MS Outlook utilizes PST documents to store its mailbox information. To relocate Lotus Notes to Outlook, you have to change over NSF to PST file format as MS Outlook doesn’t bolster the NSF file format.

How to transform NSF to PST file format?

You can transform Lotus Notes’ NSF file format into Outlook PST format through manual tactics or you can also utilize an expert Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter to get the best reliable result. Let’s begin with me and know both tactics; well, first we should begin with Manual NSF to PST conversion tactics, then we proceed to know the feature of Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter and the Lotus Note to Outlook conversion procedure.

Manual methods to convert NSF files to PST format

Usually, the utmost of people knows that there is only an export-import manual technique to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook, but today I’m going to introduce you to another manual tactic to convert NSF to PST file format. Another manual tactic is the Microsoft transporter tool.

Before starting any other performance to change your data from NSF to PST, it is my recommendation to take a backup of your original data and to close all running applications on your system. Initially, export the necessary NSF document to the definite location and after that import a similar record to MS Outlook. To export Lotus Notes NSF record, play out through accompanying steps:

  • Start IBM Lotus Notes application and reach to NSF database record
  • Click on File in Export Wizard window appear
  • Choose a saving area to spare the NSF format and then save as in CSV or Structured Text format
  • Enter a new name for the exported NSF file format and click on the Export button
  • The chosen NSF file format is effectively exported to the desired location. Then, import the exported NSF document in MS Outlook. Also, to do that, go with beneath steps:
  • Start MS Outlook application on your system
  • Click on File then open the Import and Export Wizard
  • Choose Import option from another program or document; then click the Next Button
  • Utilize CSV format (Windows)
  • Browse the destination path of Exported NSF file format and check to Replace the duplicate data with the newly imported
  • Choose a folder to import the information and snap Next (Import procedure will starts)
  • Click on the Finish button after import procedure the procedure will get over

Note: Manual processes are not safe and never give guarantees for the best outcome.

Utilize Microsoft transporter tool for NSF to PST conversion.

  • Firstly, Open Microsoft transporter Suite
  • Generate a Comma Separated Value file with the beneath filed.

Source Identity: 

User Email Id Server:

POP server name or IP address:

Source Login Id:

Connect User id Source identity: 

Source Password:

Target identity:

  • Do click on Add Mailboxes option and select CSV files then click on the Import button.
  • Click on all mailbox button.
  • Choose the Migrate selected mailbox option.
  • Select POP in the mailbox selection option to verify the specified Client Access Server option, then press on the Next button.
  • Choose the all email option from Select Data Range then click on the Next button.
  • Press on Migrate option after previewing the summary given beneath.
  • Ultimately, click on the finish button.

Drawbacks of manual processes:

Manual processes are not risk-free procedures. Both manual processes have few drawbacks and constraints.

      • Manual processes will be not worthy if you’ve got a large amount of data.
      • These manual processes cannot help you in migrating file more than 1 GB
      • Manual processes are not auxiliary for every version.
      • Unable to export encrypted NSF files in Outlook PST format.

Shoviv NSF to PST converter

Shoviv NSF to PST Converter is the trustworthy product of an organization designed to perform hassle-free migration of all Lotus Notes mailboxes including its attributes like messages, contacts, notes, arrangements, diaries, schedule, drafts, attachments, and so on to MS Outlook in the least time. Before understanding how can we use the awesome Shoviv NSF to PST converter tool.

Here, I’m going to introduce its various features and free version.

  • Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook converter has all the best things, but the best thing is User-friendly graphical Interface.
  • The tool empowers you to convert NSF file into several file formats.
  • The tool has a Folder Mapping option.
  • Ultimately, incredibly it also gives you the option to evaluate the tool execution process through the Free- demo version.

Add NSF file into tool interface

1. Start Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter through clicking the ADD LOCAL NSF option to add the desired NSF file.

2. Choose the desired NSF File and click on the OPEN button.

3. When you have selected the desired files, click on the Next button.

Export desired file process

1. Click on the Export button which is on the last of the sub-list.

2. Now select and Apply filter which you want to export from NSF to PST.

3. Now you need to apply folder mapping and then email transition.

4. Ultimately choose the browsing pathway, where you want to locate your PST files.

Shoviv Folder Choosing Iterface

5. At the same time, you can check-out the process-report, which can prove the tool evaluation.

Shoviv Process report

Final Verdict:

Hope, you’re doing well with our day to day solution blog. Migrations are not ever easy tasks with the manual processes; however, it can be done and beneficial for the small amount of data migration. But in case you’re loaded with heavy data load of NSF, then Shoviv Lotus Note to Outlook is the best and prominent tool for the migration. The application is fully loaded with features that offer wide services to convert NSF file format. Lotus Notes to Outlook converter tool offers compatibility with almost all available versions of MS Outlook, MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Domino Server and Windows OS.