EDB to PST Converter Software to Convert EDB to PST

In the previous post, we discussed the most common scenarios for EDB to PST conversion. Now in this article, we will be discussing how to import data from an Exchange Server to Outlook using two different methods. First would be the manual solution that requires no cost to import all your data from EDB to PST file. And second one is a professional EDB to PST Converter tool to convert EDB to PST format, if the manual solution does not work for you.

As we know that Microsoft Exchange Server is the most popular platform used for messaging with collaborative sharing. It provides your organization with a secure working environment. In businesses and organizations, it allows a large number of users to communicate through emails, voice mails and instant messaging from their desktops, laptops, mobiles, and even from web browsers. All your mailbox data, such as emails, attachments, calendars, tasks, notes, folders, etc. are stored in an Exchange database, commonly known as EDB.

EDB to PST Conversion

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to import your mailbox data from Exchange Server to Outlook? There are various situations where the need for EDB to PST conversion arises. We have already discussed them in the previous article – EDB to PST Conversion – Most Common Reasons


Let us suppose you want to migrate your mailbox data from Exchange Server to Outlook. How will you do that? You just cannot export Exchange database to PST directly because it does not support EDB file format. You must convert EDB to PST file format so that you can export Exchange database to PST client. There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide EDB to PST Converter tools. Using any such converter tool, you can successfully convert EDB to PST file format without requiring any technical expertise. But before you can use any such paid software, you must try the ExMerge utility.

ExMerge Utility – Mailbox Merge Tool

If you are not familiar with this term, I will explain each and everything about ExMerge utility here. Microsoft provides this Mailbox Merge tool as a freeware to extract mailbox data from an Exchange Server, and then merge it into the mailbox of another Exchange Server. It also allows users to copy the mailbox data from the Exchange Server into an Outlook data file. This is the perfect solution to export Exchange database to PST format. Let us suppose you are leaving the organization but you want to keep a copy of your Exchange mailbox data. You can ask your Exchange administrator to export Exchange database to PST file using the ExMerge utility.


In Exchange Server 2005 and earlier versions, the ExMerge utility comes as a built-in tool. Since it is not available in Exchange Server 2007 and later versions, you have to download it from Microsoft’s official site. Before you run the ExMerge utility on your system, make sure you have the full permission on the Exchange mailboxes that you want to export to the Outlook client. After downloading the ExMerge utility, install it on your system. Do not forget to log into your Exchange Server account with Exchange administrator rights.

How to Use ExMerge Utility?

Once the installation is completed, double-click the exe and run it as administrator. Follow the steps shown below:


Step 1: On the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Wizard, you will see the procedure selection. You need to select the procedure you would like to perform.


use exmerge to convert EDB to PST


There are two options:


  • Extract and Import (One Step Procedure)
  • Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure)

Select the “Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure)” option and click Next to continue the process.


Step 2: As you have chosen “Two Step Procedure” in the previous step, now you need to select any of the steps you would like to perform:


  • Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox
  • Import data into an Exchange Server Mailbox

use exmerge to convert EDB to PST


Select the “Step 1: Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox” option and click Next to continue the process.


Step 3: The Data Selection Criteria window will appear on your screen.


  • On the tabs section, click the Import Procedure tab.
  • Then select Archive data to target store, and click OK.
  • On the Message Details tab, fill in the required fields and click OK.
  • Then click Apply to save the changes.

Step 4: A list of all mailboxes available on the Exchange Server will be shown here. Now select the mailbox you want to export to Outlook. Click Next to continue the process.


Step 5: Now select the target directory. Click Browse and select a location where you want to save the new output file. Finally, click Next to start the migration process.


The migration process may take some time so do not cancel it. Once it is completed, click Finish and close the Mailbox Merge tool.

If ExMerge utility fails…

Although the ExMerge utility is recommended by professionals, sometimes it may not work for you. The Mailbox Merge tool from Microsoft has a few limitations, and you should be aware of them.


  • Since it has no mailbox store, you cannot use it on front-end servers.
  • You just cannot use the ExMerge utility if the mailbox size is more than 2 GB.
  • In a case of incorrect permissions, it may fail to extract data from the Exchange Server.
  • Remember, the ExMerge utility only supports private folders. You cannot use it to export public folders.

If the Mail Merge tool fails or does not work for you, you should consider using a professional EDB to PST Converter tool. If you search on Google, you will get many results for EDB to PST converter tools. How would you choose the best when there are too many choices? You should start it by checking the reviews of the software, and then select some best options. And before you can purchase any of them, make sure you download the free demo version. By using the demo version, you can actually check the capability of the software before purchasing it. And the one that fulfills your needs at the minimum price, you can purchase that EDB to PST Converter tool.

Professional EDB to PST Converter Tool

If you are looking for the best solution to convert EDB to PST file format, the EDB to PST Converter tool from Bit Data Conversion is the best solution in terms of performance and price. It is an easy-to-use application that requires no technical knowledge. Even a non-technical user can use this software to perform EDB to PST conversion with ease. Please be informed that it does not cause any alteration to the original EDB files during conversion, i.e. keeping them intact. Unlike the Mail Merge tool (ExMerge utility), it has no limitation. It can quickly convert multiple EDB files into PST file format. Even if the EDB files are corrupt, you can use this software.

Key features of this EDB to PST Converter tool

  • Unlike other converter tools, it can successfully convert EDB file that is accessible due to corruption. If you have a corrupt EDB file and you want to convert it into PST format, you do not need to repair it. You can simply use this software that will thoroughly scan the corrupt EDB file and restore its data into a new PST file.
  • This software will generate a preview of your Exchange mailbox data before you can actually save them into a new PST file.
  • There is no size limitation, unlike ExMerge utility. You can select an EDB file of any size.
  • Via this EDB to PST Converter tool, you can successfully export Exchange database to Office 365 and Live Exchange.
  • Other than PST file format, you can convert EDB file into MSG, EML, HTML, CAL, vCard file formats.
  • It supports all the popular versions of Microsoft Exchange Server including the latest 2019.
  • This software is highly compatible with all major Windows operating systems including the latest Win 10.

Before purchasing the full version of this software, you can download the demo version for a free evaluation. By using the demo version, you can successfully export the first 25 items of each folder from the selected EDB to PST file. To overcome this limitation, you can purchase the licensed version of this EDB to PST Converter software.


The article explained how to export Exchange database to PST file using the ExMerge utility, Mail Merge tool. But if it fails or does not work, a professional EDB to PST Converter tool is mentioned in the end to give users the best choice. Now it depends on your perspective which solution is best for you.