Affiliate Partnership Programs

Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd. provides world class services and high end products. These products and services together provide exceptional value and worth for money to our customers. At the core of our company's mission lies the unending zeal to deliver more than what is expected to our clients, partners, and/or buyers. We endeavor to provide full support to them and that defines our company's strategy. The aim of this program is to improve cost effectiveness, and also to increase income while lowering the expenses incurred.

All those affiliated with Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd., be it an organisation or any individual, need to create a market presence for our products. To do this, they have to display our products and/or product links on their websites.

As mentioned and explained in our affiliation program policy, the affiliate patterns earn a commission on each sale of the product through an online website.The affiliates are trained and authorized to deal with customers queries and complaints; deal with and resolve their issues regarding the products as it falls under their responsibilities for sales from the merchant end.

Through this program, Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd. provides you an opportunity to become our affiliated partner. Our affiliate partners can earn a lot as they get 40% discount on all our products. Affiliates can earn by providing links to our products on their websites and earn profit with every sale. For more details and related queries reach to us.

Shoviv Affiliate Program Benefits

Fastest selling best utilities

Our company offers best software solutions. We provide the best-selling tools under our sales strategy apart from a plethora of software which are used for data recovery and data migration by organisations and individual users.

Regular Notification

For improved efficiency and effective sales, our affiliates are notified of any upgrades, promotions, affiliated articles, newsletter, and blogs relating to our Shoviv Software products.

Affiliated Support

You get full support and assistance from us. We help you increase the commission on sales and also resolve all issues. A special platform is provides for the same.

Generate High Commission Rate

Our policies have been designed for complete transparency. It considers improved performance, increased sales, and better output for affiliates.

Digital Media Delivery

We provide flexible and fastest product delivery. We resolve customer queries and provide services in record time. For this our affiliates get digital media delivery over the internet through our website.